Iglunix in it’s current state is a Wayland only system and any X11 suport added in the future will not be hardware accelerated in any way and will simply be there for compatibility. On Iglunix the recommended GUI to use is river as it is fairly stable compared to other options such as swvkc.

GPU drivers

First step is to get GPU drivers compiled. Iglunix has Mesa packaged which supports a wide range of hardware. One may wish to manually edit the mesa file to build specific drivers.

Several aditional dependencies are required for building Mesa and are as follows:


Although one can get away without using a session manager, it is highly recommended and one may experience unexpected behaviour without something like seatd.

seatd doesn’t have any option to daemonise so in /etc/init.d/rcS you will need to add the following:

setsid seatd&


font config is a pain to build due to gperf; the package is incomplete and manual editing of files is required


wlroots requires several extra packages including libudev-zero and libinput


Kanshi is highly recommended to install as (as far as I can see) there is no way of handling output resolutions in river directly.


River requires zig to build. Building zig requires a [lot of ram] so for systems with less than 16GiB it is recommended to build jemalloc and build zig with LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ iglupkg which can reduce memory usage enough to get it to build.


Alacritty is recommended as the default terminal emulator; it requires Rust to build so Rust must have been installed on your system (you can’t bootstrap Rust on Iglunix easily due to using different libraries from most other distributions)

If you are running old GPU hardware or devices such as the raspberry pi that don’t support desktop GL you may wish to use this fork of alacritty at commit b1eb46be6186e882ad318bf0906d71c354447b26

Configuring River

River’s configuration file is located at /etc/river/init; it is a simple POSIX shell script with calls to riverctl. Adding a call to kanshi and changing foot to alacritty is recommended.